Prickly Heat by ATif

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 Prickly Heat- that might remind you of Beat It; that was inspired by Come Together. Well it’s too much of a big promise. But I bet you will be amused and you will like it.

Every successful band or artist is ideas. Production ideas, promotion ideas, conceptual ideas and visual ideas as well. I am inspired by artists like Prince, Kravitz, Gaga and Madonna- who use the full spectrum of art entwined with commercial value. I think like Ozzy I look for a good theme. Subject, premise or topic so to say. Subtext of something that’s going on around me. I pick it- find words to represent and chord structure to reciprocate it. And then everything follows. My team of co-writers, session musicians and arrangers are the reason of my penetration to my target audience. That’s how they relate to me. I am a big fan of stand up comedy. So I try to write about happy/naughty stuff like AC/DC. That can connect easily but has musical creativity and quirky wit to catch attention


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