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‘Rockstar’ LiMM 2020 was the year for rising start LiMM. As a rising artist his popularity grew and so did his streams on music platforms. After having a successful year, LiMM has now released what some have commented, “a vibe” (Youtube). Before becoming the rising star he is, LiMM was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone in West Africa. After immigrating to Canada and then moving to Philadelphia at the age if 12, LiMM has quickly become an artist to watch out for. His new track, “Rockstar Lifestyle” showcases his urge to breakthrough with his catchy lyrics and his worldly sound. In the video you see LiMM’s charismatic appeal from the vibrant styling of his outfits to his laidback yet tuneful dance moves. ‘Rockstar Lifestyle’ has already received good traction on Youtube in just 3 weeks of its release date. Limm is looking to further his career by fine tuning his unique sound and ensuring audiences love his content.

Over his career LiMM has shared the stage with the likes of Mac Miller, Pop Smoke, Sean Kingston and other stars showing that his appeal is not only from fans but musicians alike. Limm’s appeal stretches in listenership as well with over half a million streams on Spotify alone. Many fans are anticipating and waiting for every new song Limm creates. 2021 has been a building year, and Rockstar lifestyle just shows how preparation and execution come together all at once. It’s more exciting to watch and learn from an artist on the come up then one that’s already on top, thats why Limm is creating such intrigue. His audience understands that if you really want to get things done and go further in life, you should recreate the success of others; hence why he is someone they look up too.

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Who is LiMM (Background):

LiMM is a young African prodigy who is carrying a legacy on his shoulders with every track he creates. Thumping bass mixed with catchy honest lyrics and a literally worldly sound, LiMM’s universal appeal is not surprising. Coupled with LiMM’s unprecedented work ethic and his prolific output, LiMM is taking the world by storm and has no intention of looking back. With three albums and a plethora of singles under his belt, LiMM has already reached viral levels and continues to ascend. Don’t get left behind. Born in Freetown, Sierra Leone in West Africa eventually immigrating to Canada and then moving to Philadelphia at the age of 12, LiMM was forced to grow up at a young age. “Growing up we didn’t have a lot,” LiMM recalls, “I learned how to live within my means.” This also pushed him to focus on what was important, becoming hard-working and disciplined in everything he put his mind to. From the beginning, LiMM was thrust into music, being involved in multiple choirs, which would forever leave an impact on the art he’d go on to create. It wasn’t until his junior year of high school that LiMM really jumped into the hip-hop side of things. After freestyling with a friend and receiving positive feedback, “This pushed me to keep going,” LiMM says and in just a few years our young upstart was ready to begin his full journey into hip-hop. Visit:

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