ORGASMIC ROCK” brought toward you through Curse & Kisses

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Curse and Kisses is a deep joy trip of heavy-rock effects, powerful lyrical imageries and nervy approach.

Put it all composed and you have somewhat that front guy Rudy calls “Orgasmic Shake – rock music that provides you thrilling pleasure.”

A hard-driving, up-front merger of elegances, this Orlando, Florida-based performance pulls no blows, either in its topic matter otherwise musical drives. As truthful as Curse and Kisses so frequently is about wish, drugs as well as the rock ’n’ roll way of life, that “fundamental current of sex plus glitter” is single out-shined by “the melody’s glistening grunge,” said music criticizer Bryan Rodgers. “The sound is one of struggle and aggression, practically like shock metallic cut through a dusting of open-minded rock and funk.”

Curse and Kisses Brand challenges easy classification, and Rudy – the band’s chief producer, singer, composer and only authorized member – would have it no additional way: “If you eavesdrop to my melody,” Rudy says, “it will express for itself.”

He’s just released a diverse, boundlessly intriguing novel self-titled EP of four tunes – apiece of which finds novel ways to showcase the performers unique persona, pile-driving phrases and Rob Zombie-esque mixture of the frightening and the sensual. “The thickly layered formations have an in-your-face authority,” Rodgers said.

The Curse plus Kisses EP is accessible at wherever each of the tunes can furthermore be separately downloaded. The artist could also be found on ITunes, Rhapsody,  Amazon MP3, Napster and additional online music-retail websites.

“Those in search of youthful, wildly hormonal release melody to crank plus rage will be greatly satisfied.” – Bryan Rodgers of Ariel Promotional.

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Visit for more info around Curse & Kisses,

A lot of people would point and say that Curse and Kisses is an instant success since to the unknowing eye it appearances like the achievement has been graceful.

Not overnight however more like over a lifespan that type of melody brews. From initial childhood to now Curse & Kisses has existed, breathed as well as ate music! The whole thing he has done up toward this point has controlled him down a path to creating. Whether it is inscription, singing otherwise producing the sound of Curse and Kisses it has been a hectic time that has constructed that music portfolio.

Curse and Kisses Brand has mastered the skill of music with a complete range of vocals as well as deep stirring lyrics. Rudy is a song writer, lead singer as well as all around spirit of Curse & Kisses plus he actually nails the sound. You could easily tire of the scene while there is nothing new around “new” artists however Curse & Kisses provides you exactly what you would anticipate from a novel hit artist.

When you are writing from understandings, good, bad plus ugly and you could  put those experiences in to your melody it just changes up the means the melody is played. It is that feeling that is capitalized in the melody by an artist that is furthermore a song writer that actually brings out the sensation of the sound.

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