The Benefits of Joining AMC Moviewatcher

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Find movies in your area, view show times, watch movie trailers and purchase movie tickets. AMC Theatres® gets the newest movies in your area. AMC Theatres® movie ticket products are redeemable at any AMC Theatres
If you’re wondering about the latest information for the AMC Ticket Charges for the AMC Theaters. You then are in the right place, below we’ve listed the entire information regarding AMC Tickets, Student discount, military discount timings, prices, and all the information.

About AMC Theatres
AMC Ticket Prices and discounts

AMC Theatres are one of the major Cinema theatre chains over the usa, having more than 380 cinema theatres positioned in states like Alabama, SC, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, D.C., Arizona, California, Florida, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin, and there is far more along the way.

The founder Stanly Derwood’s family had been running several successful single-screen theatres in Kansas City. After returning from the Army he made a decision to run the family business. and so he became successful in creating multiplex theaters which resulted in the formation of American Multi-Cinema, Inc. Also know as AMC in 1968, till this time around, AMC is recognized as the largest movie exhibition company on the planet. And also now has operating serval counties like Ireland, Italy, Spain, and the uk.
To get the AMC tickets, you can always utilize the AMC’s TOUCHSCREEN Ticketing Kiosks. Where you’ll be required to log in to AMC Stubs accounts to help make the purchase. And we will discuss numerous kinds of AMC Stubs accounts below.

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AMC Stub Account features and information and AMC ticket prices

AMC Stub A List Account
The AMC Stubs A-List cost is vary depending on the locations you are surviving in, which is listed below.

$19.95/month (All AMC theatre locations in america except for CA, CO, CT, DE, DC, FL, GA, IL, MA, MD, MN, NJ, NY, PA, VA, and WA.)
$21.95/month (All AMC theatre locations in america aside from CA, CT, MA, NJ, and NY.)
$23.95/month (All AMC theatre locations in america.)
Reward points are received in line with the Monthly A-list membership charge and extra purchased tickets will earn 100 tokens per dollar.

If you are enrolled in the AMC Stubs A-List, you can view up to 3 movies weekly with FREE online reservations and our best benefits. Choose Premiere for premium perks, or join Insider to begin with for FREE. You can even conserve to $2.00 for tickets purchased on Tuesdays via AMC’s Tuesday Ticket Savings promo code.

AMC Stubs Premier account
AMC Stubs Premier account costs $15 annually and gets you 100 points per dollar you spent eligible to purchase on AMC. With this account, members enjoy various benefits and promos. Members can get a free of charge refill each and every time they buy a big popcorn. Also, AMC Stubs Premiere Members are rewarded with $5.00 for each and every 5,000 points they earn through booking. These rewards can be redeemed on the next food, drinks, and tickets inside AMC.

AMC Stubs Insider
AMC Stubs Insider is a zero-fee account that will provide you with 20 points per dollar you may spend on eligible purchases at AMC. Get yourself started movie perks like Discount Tuesdays, and earn points toward a $5 reward for each and every $1 spent.

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Insider, Premiere, and A-List Benefits/Rewards
AMC has one of the greatest reward systems than some other theaters and for each and every 5,000 points accumulated on purchases made at AMC Theatres locations or approved ticketing partners will provide you with a $5 virtual reward. Which can be later used for the purchase of eligible food and beverage items.

Check out the official AMC website link for even more AMC Subs & booking information.

Among the key features of AMC is that customers can order food with a press of a button from the freshly created menu items made by the experienced chefs of AMC Inc. Which will be later sent to the respective seats for your convince.

AMC 3D screens are each other level experience, which a real like 3D immerse visuals that coupled with Dolby Atmos surround sound creating goosebumps and chill on every movie enthusiast. You can view those amazing movies on AMC’s own branded recliner sofas that allow you to relax and revel in the movies to give you the best ever experience. Recliners at dine-in theatres allow guests to take pleasure from their meals as the seat provides swiveling tables.

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