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Most manufacturers design their integrated amplifiers like budget-oriented products. Not Simaudio! They always try to create exceptional products, as you can notify from the countless great included amplifiers they have made over time, often more advanced than their opponents in build-quality, features, & most essentially, musical performance.

In conditions of design, fit and finish and overall build-quality, it is successful: It really is impeccably manufactured in every way, from its fully healthy, dual-mono architecture (uncommon for a built-in amplifier) right down to the appearance of its dimmable screen and the feel of its handy remote control, which is manufactured out of a good block of aluminum and is still gracefully curved to match nicely in the hand. The entire device exudes luxury and refinement.

For instance, you can modify the gain of each insight independently so that there are no quantity jumps when turning resources; you can also select any source as a “theater bypass” when using it with a multichannel controller; you can also name each type for viewing on the top front-panel LED display, and set the maximum volume for each and every input.

Simaudio Moon FRM-3

ListenUp is proud to be the only authorized Internet dealer for the full line of Simaudio MOON products, and we will gladly accept your online order if there is no authorized dealer in your area. As longtime brick and mortar retailers ourselves, we know the benefits of buying from your local store if one is available. If one is near, we always recommend it. Being able to listen before you buy, nearby after-sales advice and service, someone to come to your home should need arise — these all matter a great deal when needed.

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Simaudio Moon FRM-3 Backlit System remote control

  • Milled from solid aluminum
  • Will operate all MOON IR-capable 2-channel models including most older ones
  • Use also as an upgrade for CRM, SRM, SRM-2, Celeste and RM-50

The FRM-3, backlit system remote control operate all MOON IR-capable 2-channel models including most older ones

With regards to its audio, predicated on our understanding of Simaudio’s other products, we had high expectations for the Simaudio Moon, but we were still stunned by simply how great this amplifier may seem. Its sonic attributes and sheer capability to communicate musical expression are simply stunning. Put simply, using its very dimensional, layered audio that create a great sense of musical vividness, it generally does not seem like a amplifier; instead, it noises much better than many expensive split pre-amp and power-amp. For instance, many amplifiers, among the expensive ones, have a tendency to obscure the timbres of private musical instruments while louder ones play. But the Evolution 600i’s image resolution of low-level musical instruments and its remarkable clarity of timbre, gives a full sense of richness, density and vibrancy. The Progression 600i easily gets the biggest, best identified, and most practical soundstage of any designed amplifier we have ever listened. It had been not just the soundstage size that was impressive; it was the quality of most fine spatial cues.

In terms of timber purity, the upper middle and treble haven’t any grain and edge, giving the sound an appealing warmth and richness. And the bass and mid-bass are really dynamic, weighty, yet nuanced and complete.

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Even while using the most demanding music, the Evolution does not have the signs indicative of any amplifier attaining its active limits and operating out of electric power – strain on peaks, reduced active contrasts, soft bass, hard treble and so on: Even at very high level, the Evolution 600i maintained its tonal purity and active impact.

Overall, the Simaudio Moon is simply great in every way: Design, build, feel, ergonomics and musicality. It really is a compact, perfectly built product that competitors or surpasses the audio quality of split preamplifiers and electricity amplifiers with fantastic dynamics and bass, low degrees of timber coloration and a magnificent soundstage which lead to a very convincing music experience. If you want the sound quality of an expensive independent preamplifier and power amplifier at less price and in a compact, beautifully engineered program, the Moon Progression 600i is merely your best choice.

Just click here for additional information. Or we’ve it waiting for you, and also other products of the amazing Moon Advancement series, so feel free to come by to look, pay attention and compare them on your own.

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