How and Why a Great Wedding DJ Needs to be so Much More Than a DJ

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There is perhaps nothing more important to the wedding ceremony and reception than the music. It sets the stage, shows off your personality, and creates the sense of excitement and anticipation. Guests might think that the wedding DJ simply plays the music and gets everyone up and moving. However, that couldn’t be further than the truth. Wedding DJs definitely play music, but they also do much more. In fact, if all you need a DJ for is to play music, then you can probably do that on your own! Read on to find out the value that a DJ brings beyond the music.

  1. Deliver the Tone of Messages Throughout the Day

A wedding DJ can make announcements, introduce the wedding party, sequence events, and more. The way that this message is communicated puts a sense of excitement into the guests and makes them engaged with the experience.

  1. Adapting to the Audience

A wedding will have a broad range of ages. There could be little kids and there will be most likely by older adults. This means that there will be preferred genres, familiarity with songs, and memories invoked with different music. The wedding DJ needs to be able to pick up on who is present and potentially deviate from a prearranged selection to meet the needs of that particular audience.

  1. Time Keeper

The Wedding DJ has the loudest voice in the room due to having a microphone. This means that they can command attention at the drop of a hat and sequence the events that take place. The Wedding DJ needs to cover certain events such as tossing of the bouquet, first dances, and special line or choreographed dances. The Wedding DJ will make sure that none of these events are forgotten or not given the special focus they deserve.

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  1. Great Sound

The Wedding DJ will have the right equipment to produce high quality sound at the right volume. They will be familiar with the acoustics of different wedding venues and can adjust the audio on the fly if there is an issue or change in the design of the wedding space.

  1. The Ultimate Entertainer

A DJ is often thought to stand behind the music, create great mixes, and get people moving. However, a wedding DJ needs to take front and center. They must be able to motivate the crowd, bring in their emotions, and make them feel that the music and day is about them and their memories. The wedding DJ could also create fun games to play in the event of a shy crowd or a lot of little children at the wedding. Games like musical chairs never get old! But there are many more entertaining activities that the Wedding DJ can coordinate.

  1. Personalized Event

Wedding DJs know a lot about music, related music, and possibly unheard of music that would work for your wedding. They are able to ask you what your music style and taste is, but then use this to build a wonderful playlist in an organized fashion.

Wedding DJs play music, but good DJs do so much more. They are an event planner, a problem solver, a collaborator, a motivational speaker, and an entertainment leader all at the same time. The Wedding DJ is completely worth the money and will create an amazing experience for both you and your guests.

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