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MyAudioStream is a song streaming application as well as wireless audio player designed for iPhone and Android.

It is time to investigate in to the world of song with MyAudioStream. This is Arkuda’s best network answer for ltimening to music!
MyAudioStream is a brand new melody streaming app and wireless audio player, which associations Arkuda’s UPnP technology through a new user interface intended for finding and playing tunes and albums through your preferred artists. MyAudioStream creates it simple to play your favorite songs on your PC, otherwise NAS drive or else additional UPnP/DLNA network servers, as well as other podiums for example iTunes plus Windows Media Player. Through MyAudioStream, you could listen to your preferred music on an extensive array of several devices.

MyAudioStream proposals an easy-to-use resolution for streaming your favorite songs to any of the devices mentioned above otherwise any other network-attached speaker scheme. The best part? It merely takes a few hits on your iPod, iPad, otherwise, iPhone to control your listening experience. Attending to your preferred tune from all of your devices has never been easier otherwise more suitable. MyAudioStream supports a collection of different song file formats, counting mp3, wav, aac, aif, as well as FLAC.

MyAudioStream furthermore comprises a fully-incorporated Ark Media Player. This streamline the music listening experience through playing an extensive variety of diverse music formats, counting MP3, WAV, AAC, AIF, and FLAC, amongst others.
An instinctive, user-friendly edge, through an easy-to-navigate menu for suitable and easy detection, tune selection and running of your preferred songs.

MyAudioStream support an array of diverse music file set-ups, counting mp3, aif, aac, wav, and FLAC.

MyAudioStream works through a variety of various devices, streaming melody to your iPhone, iPad,  UPnP networked speaker and additional wireless networked speaker, TVs, PS3, your PC, Xbox360, tablet plus beyond! You could also stream media files instantaneously to different renderers.
The scheme usages a simple WiFi linking to sense your preferred songs from an amount of several devices, similar Mac, Media Box, PC, NAS systems as well as the additional network-attached server.

With MyAudioStream, it is simple to interchange your media amongst several devices, counting your HD TV, PS3, Xbox360, wireless speakers, and new DLNA plus UPnP devices.

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MyAudioStream is a tune streaming app and UPnP audio player for iPhone plus Android.

It is time to delve into the domain of music through MyAudioStream. This is Arkuda’s best network solution for listening to music!

MyAudioStream is a brand new tune streaming app and UPnP audio player, which syndicates Arkuda’s UPnP skill through a new user interface intended for finding plus playing song and album by your preferred artists. MyAudioStream creates it simple to play your favorite tunes from your computer, or NAS drive otherwise additional UPnP/DLNA network server, in addition to other platforms for example iTunes as well as Windows Media Player. Through MyAudioStream, you could listen to your preferred music on an extensive array of several devices.

MyAudioStream is continually being modernized and improved! MyAudioStream furthermore runs in the background for stress-free, non-intrusive procedure.

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