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You might not have thought from our name but we Love Pyro Activities, On-Stage, Near Vicinity, Table Top, Ceiling Top or Great Elevation, they provide just about every Pyrotechnic impact possible and some you probably can’t!

Whatever your show or trip they can provide innovative expertise to help style and perform your show and to keep it secure for both performers and viewers. With our highly trained group of Pyro technicians, we have offered reveals for top Artists at some of the planets most famous events and celebrations.

They have specialized in Big Shows and Trips, but anyone can seek the services of our company whether it’s for a single pyro hit or a whole show. From Stone or Traditional Events, Festivals, Team Activities to Panto, Party Evenings and Marriages they are here to help, so whatever dimensions your manufacturing, we will be very happy to listen to you….

Stage pyrotechnics

A stage my own is an impact similar to a comet, but with several small celebrities instead of just one large one. Stage pyrotechnics come in various dimensions and colors and designs can come with tails. There are also mines that keep a crackle in the air; Flitter & Sparkle mines which add difference. Like a Gerb Stage pyrotechnics come in various levels to fit the dimensions of your set.

Don’t know what you are looking for?

There are far too many options for us to demonstrate everything, but below you will find just a few of the Pyro results they provide to help you with ideas and to explain to you the sort of services they provide.

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Also, don’t forget that pyrotechnic results can be mixed, used successfully and shot with our Electronic Remotes they can give some awesome results.

Hire Stage Pyrotechnics

Stage Gerbs & Jets

A Gerb, is a water fall impact that is a line of gold or gold initiates. A ‘Jet’ is still in fact a Gerb, but it is very fast losing and generally continues just a small portion of a second. Compared with Airplanes, Gerbs can differ in dimension and length from 1/4 second to 30 a few moments and from 2m to 10m high. Often seen on TV reveals, on stage and in concerts, Gerbs are a choice affect that when used successfully (especially when pursued or sequenced using our Electronic Pyro Controllers), can generate really awesome results. They can also add concussion or maroon hits to a Gerb hit to stress the effect

They are major UK providers of hire stage pyrotechnics and results to the cinema, enjoyment and events sectors. We perform throughout the UK and provide all types of outdoor and inside results focusing in stage and shut proximity pyrotechnics, flame, images and streamer results as well as roof-top as well as altitude pyrotechnics.

Whether you need images for a company occasion, inside pyrotechnics or flame results for a TV manufacturing or music video clips, are planning a event, show, ground or field trip, are looking to buy or seek the services of laser treatment jets for one of your clubs or club evening, or need a unique impact designed for a Western End or cinema manufacturing, we would like to listen to you.

Hire Stage Pyrotechnics

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Versatile effects

Pyrotechnic reveals can differ extremely based on the type of efficiency and location. Whether using inside or close proximity pyrotechnics for a theatrical efficiency, or high altitude pyrotechnics for the huge ending of a ground show, you cannot do not succeed to thrill. From inside celebrity jolts and features, to high altitude professional quality fireworks, they can make impressive choreographed reveals, timed perfectly.

Skill level

Pyrotechnic reveals require specialists hire stage pyrotechnics to securely style, set up and flame your reveals. Therefore, they will provide you with an experienced pyrotechnics group to ensure your show is done securely and on cue. Our pyrotechnic group will help you finish the entire necessary risk tests specific to your location and occasion. Working carefully with your occasion group and location supervisors, they will help you to style and provide a breath-taking pyrotechnic show, implemented with excellence.

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